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Theres Gold in them thar hills...and Silver and Emeralds and Sapphires and....
    Deep in the hills is located a mystical valley called Someplace Special  .    Steeped in legend ,dripping with treasures , rich in history and loaded with fun , Someplace Special  is a great place to spend an afternoon treasure hunting.

We are a small  gem mine offering , to the public, a selection of mining ore that includes Gold and Gemstone Ore.
    Purchase a bucket of  ore from our  gem mine and go prospecting at one of our flumes.     ( A flume is a long box containing water. )  Place some of the ore in a shaker box for gemstones or pan for the gold ,at the flume ,rinse with water and simply pick out your  wonderful treasure.
   No digging required!!!!
   So far we have found  genuine  Gold Nuggets, Ruby, Aquamarine,Garnet, Emerald ,Sapphire, Blue Apatite ,Green/Blue Kyanite, and lots of other jewels in our ore. 
 The ore in the buckets that come from here ,is simply filled with Gold, and Gemstones.
ATTENTION!!!! An EXTREMELY !!!!rich deposit of ore was found this fall and promises to produce even more treasures this year.  Early tests indicate a substantial increase in valuable material in each bucket. This promises to be some of the worlds best gemstone ore ever found.
  The Gold Nuggets vary in size and in how pure they are but ,  are commonly found in the ore and valuable. 
   The Gemstones range from a few carets to as many as over 4000 and they are valuable as well.
Call (304)575-9732 to get your adventure started today