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Gold Mining

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Theres Gold in them thar hills...
    Deep in the hills is located a mystical valley called Someplace Special  .    Steeped in legend ,dripping with treasures , rich in history and loaded with fun , Someplace Special  is a great place to spend an afternoon treasure hunting.

We are a small  gold mine offering , to the public, mining ore that is filled with tiny gold nuggets
    Purchase a bucket of  ore from our  gem mine and go prospecting at one of our flumes.     ( A flume is a long box containing water. )  Place some of the ore in a shaker box ,at the flume ,rinse with water and simply pick out your  wonderful treasure.
Or do it the old fashioned way and pan for your gold.
   No digging required!!!!
 The ore in the buckets that come from here ,is simply filled with Gold

The Gold Nuggets vary in size and in how pure they are but ,  are commonly found in the ore and valuable.  BEST PART IS, YOU KEEP WHAT YOU FIND!!!

Disclaimer::The use of our facility is for entertainment purposes only. We make no claims that you will become  wealthy from searching for Gold here here.  Please consider this statement carefully and make an adult judgment about a visit here.   Please understand that  the  Legend Of Someplace Special is purely legend and should be viewed as such.  We are simply a fun place to spend the day... nothing more!!!!