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Someplace Special

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Thars Gold in them thar hills...and Emeralds and Sapphires and Garnet and .....

Deep in the hills of West Virginia, is located a mystical place called Someplace Special  .

 Steeped in legend ,dripping with treasures , rich in history and loaded with fun , Someplace Special  is a great place to spend an afternoon treasure hunting

Come fill a bucket with  dirt  from our dirt pile and go prospecting at one of our flumes.     ( A flume is a long box containing water.)  Place some of the ore in a screen at the flume,rinse with water and simply pick out your treasures..

Its an affordable way to spend a few fun hours gem hunting close to home.  
We are located near the Summit Bechtel Family Scout Reserve , Burning Rock atv park as well as the Ace Adventure Camp. 
Other nearby attractions include Whitewater Rafting on the New River Gorge,fishing the New River and Camping at our local State Parks 

With the high price of gas,why go to a North Carolina  gem mine to treasure hunt ,when there are tons of valuable Gemstones right here, in your own back yard.  

An EXTREMELY !!!!Rich cache of gemstones was found this fall and promises to produce even more treasures this year.  Early tests indicate a substantial increase in valuable material found in each bucket. 
This looks to be some of the worlds best gemstone dirt available to the public.

So far ,folks have found ... genuine  Rubys, Garnets, Emeralds ,Sapphires, Blue Apatite ,Green/Blue Kyanite, and lots of other jewels in our dirt. 
 The dirt in the pile ,Is Simply Filled With Treasures!!!

Give us a call at (304)575-9732 to get your  mining or prospecting adventure started today!!!
 Located near Glade Springs Resort as well as Winterplace Ski Resort.
 Caution!!!!! Treasure hunting can be very addictive.
Rough gemstones   are very common and found here daily .
 They are valuable,but the chances of finding a multimillion dollar stone  is also very slim .
The use of this website and of our facility is for entertainment purposes only and is not to be used as a way to attempt to become wealthy. 
We reserve the right to refuse dirt to any person or persons, we feel has become addicted to the search of our dirt here.
 Please use common sense when considering massive purchases of dirt!!!! 


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