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Someplace Special

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What to bring with you

A few suggestions to  make your adventure here a bit better.

 It gets a bit muddy here at the mine , so wear old clothes and shoes.  I have had gals come  out in dresses and high heels .They looked nice, but Im not sure their adventure was as good as it could have been ,in jeans and a t shirt.
We do provide seating , but its not padded . A nice cushion will help ease any sore spots.
 There are covers over the flumes, but a rain coat is advisable.
 We provide small  plastic bags,but if you are planning a large mine adventure, a bucket or large heavy bag is a nice addition to  have (Yes, you may have that many gemstones when you leave)
 Sunblock is suggested
 This is a farm setting and bugs a present , so bring along some bug spray to help keep em at bay.
 Cameras are allowed here, so bring one along to capture your adventure .